C & R Asphalt, LLC

Name of Company: C & R Asphalt, LLC

Company Formed: 1993

Company’s Success: We have a large returning client base. Our work philosophy of “doing it right the first time” has been appreciated by our existing customers and brings us new customers each year.

Contact Name & Information: Sherry Brannock 859-255-0077

Joined ABC: April 2012

Largest benefit of being an ABC Member: Training and Networking

C & R Asphalt, LLC is in its 21st year of business. We serve the Central Kentucky area including Louisville and northern Kentucky. We also do various projects for area property management groups with locations outside Kentucky. The services we provide are: Asphalt; Sealcoat/Crackfill/Striping; Excavation; Rock and Piping. We do commercial, farm lanes/barns and residential projects.