Company Name: Titan Contracting/Horn Industrial Services

Year Company Founded: 1978

Contact Name: Judy Hood; 270-683-6564; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ABC Member Since: 1999

What is the biggest benefit of ABC to your company? Our ABC approved and state certified Boilermaker Apprenticeship Program.

Type of work most often completed: Titan Contracting & Leasing Co., is a heavy industrial specialty mechanical merit shop contractor for Fabrication and Field Erection/Installation of Tanks, Vessels, FGD Scrubbers, Process Piping, HRSG/Boiler Manufacturing and Repair, Turbine Generator Installation, Maintenance and Repair, and General Plant Maintenance and Turnarounds.

Briefly describe what makes your company successful at what you do: Titan Contracting & Leasing Co., offers specialty construction services and conducts our business with a committment to excellence, assuring a level of safety, quality and cost controls to provide the element of "Added Value" to our customers.

Project Spotlight
The largest circulating fluidized bed (CFB)scrubber ever constructed went online June 2011 at the Basin Electric Power Cooperative's Dry Fork Station Unit 1 in Gillette, Wyoming signaling the successful completion of a massive construction installation performed by Titan Contracting & Leasing Inc. The Greenfield Power Station incorporated dry-scrubber technology and Titan successfully met the challenge of planning and execution and adhered to our high standards of safety and quality throughout the construction process.