BICSI Accredited Training Facility

Did you know that an increasing number of companies insist on having at least one BICSI Installer or Technician on all installation jobs? Don’t let this requirement stop you from winning your next bid!

Stand behind all of your jobs with confidence. As a BICSI Installer demonstrate your commitment to increased knowledge of BICSI best practices and the most up-to-date codes and standards.

BICSI’s program provides varied levels of increased knowledge and experience: Installer 1; Installer 2, Copper; Installer 2, Optical Fiber; and Technician. The program offers core skills training, registration examinations and structured on-the-job training to meet the diverse needs of the telecommunications cabling industry.

The multiple levels of competency provide a career path for cabling installers. BICSI’s cabling installation training provides the opportunity for continued professional and career development.

Take your installation career to the next level and gain the advantage. Attend IN101 BICSI Installer 1 and/or IN225 BICSI Installer 2, Copper training at ABC’s Authorized Training Facility in Indianapolis.