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What is Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.?

• Founded in 1950, it is the fastest growing construction association in the United States.
• A member-run organization consisting of a diverse group of construction-related companies dedicated to preserving and defending the concepts of the free enterprise system
• The only national construction association dedicated to the merit shop philosophy

Political and Legal Representation

• Led the coalition for full Common Construction Wage Repeal in Indiana in 2015
• Fought to pass Right to Work in Indiana, making Indiana the 23rd Right to Work state
• Continuing to fight against union-only Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)
• ABC provides a “first call free” service to members in partnership with our chapter attorney
• Protecting your right to do business through lobbying, Political Action Committees (PAC) and the Free Enterprise Fund

Building Your Business

Opportunities to network and engage with like-minded people in both Indiana and Kentucky
Chapter-wide membership directory and local referrals
National referral service with access to more than 22,000 members and 68 chapters across the country
Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC): recognizing premier companies in 4 areas of corporate responsibility
Exclusive Member Benefits and Discounts programs

Insurance – ABC Benefits Group »
The ABC Benefits Group LLC offers a group insurance program as a service to ABC members, existing solely to enable ABC members to purchase competitive, high-quality, group insurance products.
The Trust offers all members the buying power of the largest construction trade association in the state. This means lower overhead expenses, more plan flexibility, expanded administrative services, and the highest level of customer service.

Trust participants have access to a complete portfolio of products and services. 13 benefit designs, in all, across a wide range of deductibles, office visit copay’s and drug cards, all of which meet or exceed Bronze-level coverage.

The Trust works with our exclusive medical providers to continuously review programs, with the goal of providing the most up-to-date products, cost management techniques, and administrative efficiencies. The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of Presidents, CEOs and Executives from our partners at AIP as well as our own ABC members. It is run exclusively for the benefit of Trust plan participants. The Trust fully complies with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Workers Compensation »
Accident Fund Groups are great workers’ compensation programs available for small- to mid-sized businesses. Another great benefit of being an ABC member is saving on your workers’ compensation coverage through Accident Fund.


ABC Publications: The Merit Contractor Connection, Construction Executive, Membership Directory
ABC Executive Club: 2024 Executive Club Benefits Flier | 2024 Executive Club Member List
Event Sponsorship opportunities available in each council throughout the year


Safety Management System (STEP) to recognize excellent safety programs and help companies implement and improve their safety records
Safety Training Courses 10 & 30 Hour OSHA, First Aid/CPR, Aerial Lift, Crane Reading and Competent Person Training.


Craft and Apprenticeship training opportunities to improve performance and safety, increasing loyalty to your company, and boosting morale in your greatest asset – your employees!
Management education to improve your bottom line from a top-down approach

Social Events and Meetings

• Networking events offered in all six councils throughout the calendar year
• Merit Shop Construction Awards program
• Golf Outings
• Fun Shoots
• Board member opportunities and committee involvement
• Political events

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What Our Members Are Saying

“ABC is an asset in connecting industry professionals, advocating for merit shop firms, and educating the next generation of tradespeople.  Our membership allows us to interact with our partners in fun and entertaining environments.”

Kevin Cumiskey
Business Development Manager


“ABC not only helps us connect with contractors more efficiently, but it provides us a bond to know that we have the same ideals on business before we even talk with them. In addition to this being a huge benefit to us, we as a company utilize the health insurance platform which has allowed us to obtain very competitive coverage for our employees which is a major win for a small company.”    

Gregory P Looney
Founder & Principal


“ABC takes on the fight of advocating for merit shop contractors so that we can remain focused on the business at hand. They do a great job of keeping contractors advised of changes in state and federal legislation. The many networking opportunities and educational resources are just an amazing bonus, in our opinion.”    

Scott & Ritter, Inc.

“ABC gives us the opportunity to network with subcontractors and other industry leaders through fun, professional events. And we really appreciate the association’s generosity in opening up their space for us to conduct safety trainings and other meetings.”    

Melissa G. GambleSenior Administrative Services Manager

“Support of free enterprise and merit shop philosophy, workforce, development, and member fellowship.”
Chad Sorrick
Managing Partner – Structured Resources

“As a member of ABC for many decades, we still find great value in ABC’s political advocacy for merit shop contractors both in Indiana and across the country. Supporting ABC’s efforts here allows us to focus on running our businesses knowing they are fighting for a fair political environment for our businesses and people to grow.”    

Steinberger Construction

“In 1986, Wurster Construction chose to leave the union and joined ABC of Indiana. It has been the best move we made in our 74 year history.  The benefits we’ve enjoyed by being a member of ABC have far outweighed what we’ve put in.”    

Al Wurster, Owner
Wurster Construction


“The education, networking, camaraderie and support you receive from ABC of Indiana will far exceed the financial investment you make.”

Kenneth J. Hedlund, CPA
Somerset CPAs

“I have been in the construction industry for 30 years, with 90% of it being in the Midwest, and most of that in Indiana. Hernandez Construction, although new to the area, has been in business for 20 years in Florida, where we are ABC members as well.  We partner with owners and developers and deliver successful industrial & manufacturing projects.  JR, Angela and the entire ABC IN/KY team have been a fantastic resource for Hernandez Construction in getting started.  I am looking forward to becoming an active member in the association and working toward improving our industry for all participants.  Membership with ABC IN/KY was a “no brainer” and my future success will be aided by the support I receive from ABC IN/KY.  Thank you.”

Stephen Sandefur, Vice President – Construction Management
Hernandez Construction

“ABC has been our source for electrical and low voltage system training for 46 years. The Indiana/Kentucky training center is top of class in the country and provides JBI the resources to train our workers to the highest electrical and safety standards. ”

Dan Babcock, President
James Babcock Inc.