ABC Construction Prep Academy will develop each student’s academic potential, personal character, and leadership qualities through an academically rigorous and content- rich educational program to prepare all students pursuing careers as Craft Professionals.


The ABC Prep Academy vision is to see all high school students graduate from our program as a prepared, diverse community of learners with access to a career in the skilled trades as a Craft Professional. ABC Prep Academy students will collaborate, think critically, and communicate effectively to be able to make connections between themselves, their learning, and the real world. Above all, ABC Prep Academy will empower students to take charge of their future and give them confidence in pursuing a career as a Craft Professional.

Purpose & Core Values

ABC’s Prep Academy seeks to instill the values of merit, performance, and integrity in all students. These values give students a strong foundation upon which to begin their post-secondary education as craft professionals. At ABC Prep Academy, the values of citizenship, cooperation, courage, honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect and responsibility will be identified, modeled, and clearly conveyed. Administrators of the program will encourage, promote, and model these traits so that all students will be encouraged to imitate, practice, and develop these characteristics themselves.


At ABC, we believe in classical education style. Our course combines hands-on experience (through work in our lab and through job site field trips) with book learning. Together, we find this traditional education style is most beneficial to our students. The Prep Academy Icourse offers students an introduction to the various trades offered by ABC, supplemented with additional safety training certifications and field trips. This course is available for all high school Juniors or Seniors. Juniors who have successfully completed Prep Academy I are eligible to continue with Prep Academy II their senior year. In Prep Academy II, students are enrolled in the Level I apprenticeship program of the trade of their choosing. This gives Prep Academy students a one year- head start on their career as a Craft Professional.

Why ABC Construction Prep Academy?

  • ABC meets the unique needs of high school students
  • ABC provides an opportunity for students to experience the trades first hand
  • ABC is strongly committed to developing each student in preparing them for a career in construction
  • ABC’s Prep Academy is another first choice for students who enjoy hands-on learning

Contact Info:

Robert Kneberg
317-914-0171 Office

Gabe Galvan
260-441-9897 Office
765-664-9091 Satellite Office

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General Course Overview
View the classes for year 1 and year 2 and what certifications you obtain along the way!

Research shows that apprenticeship training gives construction employees a considerable advantage over those trained by informal means.

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